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Best Wine And Beverage Coolers


Have you planned ahead to keep your favorite beverages icy as the weather gets warmer?

You’ll not only waste valuable interior space if you keep wine in the kitchen refrigerator, but you’ll also be doing yourself a disservice. How come?

Well, a typical refrigerator’s temperature and humidity aren’t the best for storing wine. Additionally, the cork is not in contact with the wine if you store wine bottles upright. It may get dry as a result.

What if you wanted to keep a lot of soda or beer in cans chilled? Again, if you try to cram this into the kitchen refrigerator, you’ll quickly run out of space.

Instead, the best wine and beverage coolers provide you with a special storage space where all of your beverages may be kept chilled to your preference.

Today, we’ll be reviewing all of the best coolers up for grabs so you can readily choose the right one for your needs.

Before that, though, what should you consider when you’re comparing coolers?

  • Intended usage: Firstly, you need to think about what kind of drinks you’ll be storing. If you only intend to store wine, you’re well advised to focus on dedicated wine coolers. These are designed to provide the perfect environment for bottles of wine. If all you want to chill is canned drinks, you should look for a cooler designed to accommodate them. Some of the coolers on our shortlist allow you to store cans on one side and bottles on the other
  • Number of cooling zones: Many entry-level wine and beverage coolers have a single cooling zone. This is not always a bad thing. If you only want to store red or white wine, that’s all you need. For lovers of mixed wines, though, a dual-zone wine cooler gives you an extra layer of convenience. You’ll be able to store red and white wines at the different temperatures they need with a dual-zone cooler. Twin zones are also handy if you want to simultaneously store wine and canned drinks. Again, they benefit from chilling at different temperatures
  • Installation: A built-in wine cooler is a great space saving solution. You can install this under the kitchen counter, or you can fit it into your existing cabinetry. Many wine coolers are freestanding. These can go almost anywhere. Some units allow you to install them either built-in or freestanding. Smaller countertop coolers can come in handy when space is at a premium
  • Capacity: Check to see that the coolers on your shortlist offer you enough space inside for the cans and bottles you need to store
  • Shelving: Wooden shelving works best if you’re storing wine bottles as it won’t scuff the labels on your bottles. Removable and adjustable shelving gives you more scope for creating the storage environment you desire
  • Noise and vibration: If you opt for a compressor-based cooler, you should experience little noise or vibration

Now that you know the fundamentals, you should be in an excellent position to choose the wine and beverage cooler that best suits your requirements.

Best Wine And Beverage Coolers

Best Overall: Aobosi 24 Inch Beverage And Wine Cooler Dual Zone

AAOBOSI 24 Inch Wine and Beverage Refrigerator – 19 Bottles & 57 Cans Capacity Wine Cooler with Dual Zone – Wine Fridge Built in Counter or Freestanding – 2 Safety Locks and Blue Interior Light
  • 🍇Advanced Temperature Control System–You can control the dual zones independently. Just want the wine cooler zone to work? turn it on and go. No effect on the beverage refrigerator area. Left zone beverage fridge temperature range: 35.6°F-50°F, while right zone wine refrigerator temperature range: 41°F-64.4°F.Chill your wines and drinks at the perfect temperature and provide you with best taste.
  • 🍇2-IN-1 Wine and Beverage Cooler–The dual zone design can hold up 19 standard Bordeaux bottles (width: 2.75 inch, height: 11.8 inch) and 57 pops cans. This beverage cooler is perfect for you to store Wine,Soda,Beer,Water, together.Safety lock is cooler refrigerator is a perfect companion for wine enthusiast to store specific or various wine.
  • 🍇Quiet and Quick Cooling–Utilizing the cooler runs quietly(≤42dB) and cool quickly, Cold air from wine and beer fridge is distributed to various areas by means of high-efficiency compressors and circulating fans, the whole drink refrigerator can be maintained ideal climate settings. Make sure every bottle or can in your drink fridge maintains the same humidity.Blue LED Interior Light are specially designed for your wine collection!
  • 🍇Built-In or Freestanding Installation-wine cellars adopts stainless steel front vent setting, don’t need to leave too much heat dissipation under the counter. With its fashion look, cooler fridge would catch your eye easily when it is freestanding in your living room, office, etc. Adjustable feet help you to make the glass door refrigerator stand smoothly. Detachable wooden design gives you the option to customize your storage space
  • 🍇Warranty Service–1-Month Free Trial and 1-Year Warranty.Meantime, we provide lifelong technical consultation and customer service for the drink cooler. Product warranties are automatically valid with Amazon order ID. Any questions, please feel free to customer service by contacting us through We will respond within 24 hours.


  • 18 bottles and 57 cans
  • 24-inch
  • Dual-zone

What We Liked

  • Ideal for mixed drinks
  • Compressor-based cooling
  • Built-in or freestanding

What We Didn’t Like

  • No open door warning

Wine and beverage coolers from Aobosi come in a wide range of prices without sacrificing performance.

This dual-zone device, which is 24 inches broad, gives you a lot of interior storage space without taking over the entire kitchen.

Build the cooler into your existing cabinets or under your kitchen counter if you’re working with limited space. As an alternative, you might keep this refrigerator unattached.

This dual-zone cooler gives you the most flexibility possible. The cooler’s left side can cool canned beverages from 36 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Wine bottles should be placed in the correct side and kept at a temperature between 41 and 64 degrees.

There is space for almost 50 cans of beer or soda in addition to the 18 standard 750ml Bordeaux bottles that can fit within.

You won’t hear much noise or vibration coming from this unit, as you won’t with any other compressor-based cooling system. Despite this, cooling is quick and effective in terms of energy use. The cooler won’t bother you or your neighbors because it has a decibel rating of 42.

You have nothing to lose if you’re not completely satisfied because Aobosi offers a one-month trial of this cooler. Additionally, you have access to a limited 1-year warranty. Even though it isn’t very long, there aren’t many wine and beverage coolers that provide better coverage.

For increased protection, we would like to see a door ajar alarm included in. Apart from this, there isn’t much to criticize about this effective and economical beverage cooler. Use the Aobosi cooler to ensure that your drinks are always perfectly chilled without filling up the kitchen refrigerator.

Runner-Up: HOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator And Cooler

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler – 120 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door for Soda Beer or Wine – Small Drink Dispenser Machine for Office or Bar with Adjustable Removable Shelves
  • 120 Slim Can Capacity – 3.2 cu ft Beverage Cooler holds up to 120 cans and drinks. Adjust the shelving in our stylish fridge to suit your favorite beverages (even beer and wine bottles!) 120V/220W.
  • High Visibility at Night – Show off your drink selection! Easily view the fridge contents through the stainless steel and glass door. A soft white LED light illuminates the interior.
  • Temp Control Panel – Effortlessly adjust the temperature (34°F-50°F). Our party-ready fridge fits under countertops or stands alone at home, office, kitchen, mini bar, in a game room, man cave or dorm.
  • Stay Cool Tech – Our small refrigerator has a quiet convection cooling fan to efficiently cool the entire fridge. Perfect wine cooler or beer fridge. Designed for beverages only.
  • Easy Installation – Reverse the glass door to suit your space. Our mini fridge also includes an auto defrost feature to keep your beverages chilled and ready to drink.


  • 120 cans
  • 19-inch
  • Single-zone

What We Liked

  • Generous capacity
  • Adjustable and removable shelves
  • Cools to as low as 34F

What We Didn’t Like

  • Shelves are flimsy

A stunning and relatively portable beverage cooler from homeLabs is primarily made to handle cans.

This cooler can hold up to 120 cans of beer or soda, making it ideal for a sizable BBQ or party. You’ll also make sure that guests may get lots of cool refreshments on demand. You may adjust the arrangement to your needs thanks to the removable and adjustable shelves.

Although you could keep wine in this cooler, it would be best to think about a wine cooler specifically designed for that purpose. Your wine bottles’ labels may get damaged by this unit’s chrome shelves.

You won’t have to sacrifice your beverage storage because of the effective and silent compressor that comes with this heavy-duty vertical chiller. This is a wonderful fit for tiny kitchens or areas like dorm rooms and RVs because to the relatively compact footprint and freestanding installation. Make sure the cooler has enough room around it for airflow.

You may adjust the interior temperature all the way down to a very cold 34F. For your convenience, there is an incorporated auto-defrost function.

Stick to your favorite drinks and you’ll be fine because this cooler is not intended to hold any food. Perishable food cannot be stored in this beverage cooler due to the lack of airflow.

The double-glazed door protects the cooling system’s integrity and prevents your drinks from being spoiled by dangerous UV radiation. This is particularly crucial while preserving wine.

The majority of user reviews for this cooler are generally favorable. However, a number of dissatisfied users have criticized the shelves for being flimsy. Aside from this minor complaint, you obtain a sizable yet portable drinks cooler without going bankrupt.

Upgrade Pick: Kalamera Wine And Beverage Refrigerator

Kalamera Wine and Beverage Refrigerator, 30 inch Wine Fridge Dual Zone Hold 33 Bottles and 96 Cans, Digital Touch Control, Built-In or Freestanding
  • DUAL ZONE STORAGE: This Kalamera Wine Refrigerator holds up to 33 wine bottles and 96 soda cans. With 7 wooden shelves and 4 wire racks, our wine cooler allows you prepare fancy drinks for your party.
  • INDENPENDENT TOUCH CONTROL: Bace on digital temperature control, our beverage cooler offers a temperature range of 40-66°F for wine in the left and a range of 38-50°F for beverage in the right.
  • ENHANCED PROTECTION: This beverage fridge comes with an UV-resistant glass door that protects your drinks. With temperature memory function, your collection will be kept at the optimum temperature.
  • WHISPERY PERFORMANCE: Thanks to the energy-saving compressor, our wine and beverage cooler ensure quiet performance while keeping your drink at an evenly cooled space. Won’t affect your rest or working.
  • BUILT IN OR FREESTANDING INSTALLATION: Our drink fridge with 22.4″ x 30.5″ x 33.9″ size adds class to your home or bar décor. It’s backed by a 1 year quality of complete satisfaction.


  • 33 bottles and 96 cans
  • 30-inch
  • Dual-zone

What We Liked

  • Store all types of drinks
  • Temperature memory function
  • 1-year warranty

What We Didn’t Like

  • Quite noisy

Our upgrade selection, and one of the top wine and beverage coolers available, is for someone with fastidious tastes and a flexible budget. Therefore, what do you get for your money?

The brand Kalamera is known for creating high-end goods with a strong emphasis on wine storage at its best. You also have the extra benefit of having space for approximately 100 cans with this cooler.

Up to 33 bottles of your favorite wine can be kept in the left-hand zone of the dual-zone cooler. From 40 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, cool the bottles. You can maintain red or white wine at the proper temperature with this wide temperature range. You have the freedom to chill your beer or soda exactly how you like it thanks to the canned drink compartment on the other side of the cooler, which cools down to 38F and up to 50F.

All of the labels on your wine bottles will remain attached and not get scratched or scuffed thanks to the cooler’s wooden shelves on the bottle side. On the side that houses the cans of beverages, wire shelving is utilized.

You can build this cooler into your kitchen cabinets or leave it freestanding.

For your piece of mind, the handy temperature memory function reboots the device to the temperature settings it was using.

In line with what you would anticipate from Kalamera, this wine cooler is well-made and has a good lifespan. Beverage coolers typically fail due to poor temperature control over time. As a result, you receive the same quite meager 1-year guarantee that you find on the majority of coolers.

Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Cooler/Cabinet Beverage Refrigerator

Antarctic Star 26 Bottle 130 Can Wine Cooler/Cabinet Beverage Refrigerator Mini Wine Cellar Beer Soda Clear Glass Door Bar Fridge Quiet Compressor Adjust Temp Freestanding 3.2cu.ft Black
  • KEEP WINE COOL: Heat is enemy number one for wine. The Wine Cooler enables you to store your wine in optimal conditions for long-term aging. Working temperature range is 40°F- 61°F, and allows you to customize the temp (55°F is often cited as close to perfect).
  • IDEAL LIGHT and HUMIDITY: The reinforced glass door with air tight seal helps to maintain an ideal humidity level, this beverage refrigerator gives you a compact and modern sensation. Perfect for your living room. Blue soft LED interior lighting not only beautifully showcases the wine but won’t damage the wine.
  • PERFECT WINE STORAGE: 26 standard wine bottles capacity, also perfect for canned beer and beverage storage. Horizontal racking is a space-efficient way to store your bottles, and it definitely can’t harm your wines.
  • NO VIBRATION and QUIET: Equipped with an advanced cooling system that will keep your beverages at the right temperature without making any noise. With no disturbance to its natural occurring sediments. Equipped with Movable Black Shelves, Glass Door and Adjustable Leveling Legs.
  • FREESTANDING: Freestanding application only, NOT for built in use. The beverage and wine center door will close more easily when the two front leveling legs are extended slightly. NOTE: For your safety, please reserve at least 5 inchs on each side for cooler installation.


  • 26 bottles
  • 18-inch
  • Dual-zone

What We Liked

  • Blue interior LEDs
  • Store bottles or cans
  • Quiet and low vibration

What We Didn’t Like

  • Manual temperature controls

How does this thing compare to the excellent wine and beverage coolers produced by Antarctic Star, which are also reasonably priced?

First off, this cooler has a lot more appealing aesthetic than many of the blocky, functional coolers that are oversaturated in the market. You’ll get a striking but welcoming design because stainless steel is coated in glossy black. But does form supercede function here?

Without a doubt. Given its low price, the performance of this item is amazing. Here, you will receive everything you need and nothing you don’t. That means there will be little vibration and noise, two issues with less expensive coolers. This appliance operates very quietly and has a compressor-based chiller.

A few customers have voiced their displeasure with the absence of digital controls. At this pricing, we believe you should be prepared to make some compromises. It’s not significantly inconvenient to use manual controls.

Either short-term or long-term storage works nicely with this cooler. You have a lot of latitude to adjust the temperature in the single zone, which ranges from 40 to 61 F.

The compressor will quickly chill your drinks without the annoying vibration and noise that thermoelectric coolers are known for. The legs can be leveled and are movable.

The doors’ thickly tempered glass prevents damaging sunlight from tainting the beverages you’re storing inside. But because to the subdued blue LEDs, you can still view your drink collection well.

This cooler is only intended for standalone usage and cannot be installed. It cannot be incorporated into your kitchen cabinets.

NewAir NBC126SS02 Beverage Refrigerator And Cooler

NewAir Beverage Refrigerator And Cooler, Free Standing Glass Door Refrigerator Holds Up To 126 Cans, Cools Down To 37 Degrees Perfect Organizer For Beer, Wine, Soda, Pop, And Cooler Drinks
  • [PERFECT FOR ANY PURPOSE] – Requires no installation, holds 126 cans, and is perfect for living rooms, dorms, offices, or any room in the home.Cooling method:Compressor
  • [A FRIDGE YOU CAN USE ANYWHERE] – This mini fridge is perfect for storing lunch at the office, leftovers in your dorm room, or a cold drink anywhere in your home. No installation necessary, simply plug it in and you’re ready to go
  • [FLEXIBLE STORAGE FOR FOOD AND DRINKS] – Adjust the removable shelves to hold nearly any combination of items. Pack it full of 126 cans—that’s over 20 full six-packs—or make room for taller sized cans and bottles
  • [7 CUSTOM TEMPERATURE SETTINGS] – Choose from 7 custom “set-it-and-forget-it” temperature settings to keep beer and soda at the perfect temperature for serving. Store all your family favorites from 37°F-64°F
  • [INSULATED DOUBLE PANED GLASS DOOR] – Double-paned glass doors keep in the cold while providing a timeless stainless-steel look


  • 126 cans
  • 19-inch
  • Single-zone

What We Liked

  • 7 temperature settings
  • Freestanding installation
  • Removable shelves

What We Didn’t Like

  • Runs quite warm

In this industry, NewAir has a strong reputation for producing coolers that are both extremely efficient and effective in chilling a wide range of beverages. So how does this model fare?

The incredibly competitive rate is the first thing you’ll notice. When compared to other refrigerators in this class, this one offers unmatched value without sacrificing storage.

This cooler is designed to be used independently. Investigate one of the several other coolers in our shortlist that enables this if you require a refrigerator that can be built into your kitchen cupboards.

There is no need for you to fiddle with any installation. Right out of the box, this cooler is ready to use. Inside, there is space for up to 126 cans. If this capacity isn’t ideal for your needs, you can choose between a cooler that holds 60 cans and one that holds 160 cans.

This type gives you a single cooling zone with a broad temperature range of 37 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. With 7 temperature presets already punched in, you can benefit from a set-and-forget storage solution for all of your favorite beverages.

The flexible shelving can be fiddled with to create the ideal storage arrangement. This type makes it simple to store beer crates, huge champagne bottles, or a variety of your preferred red or white wines (such as Sauternes or its many imitations).

Double-paned doors have a substantial feel, and they are tempered to protect the interior storage environment. Say good-bye to UV rays entering your cooler and take advantage of your beverages’ peak quality.

Aobosi 15 Inch Wine Cooler, 28 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

AAOBOSI 【Upgraded】 15 Inch Wine Cooler, 28 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator with Stainless Steel Tempered Glass Door,Memory Function, Fit Champagne Bottles, Wine Fridge Freestanding and Built-in
  • 🍷【Exquisite Design】With Seamless Stainless Steel Frame and Double Tempered Glass Door, the built-in or freestanding wine cooler in size 14.9×22.9×34 inches looks classy and fashion,making it perfectly match any home décor,club,cafe or restaurants.The sleek design will be a great addition and focal point at any occasion.
  • 🍷【Quiet Operation】Built-in professional & powerful compressor,the built-in wine refrigerator runs quietly with a low operating noise of 42 dB. Low vibration. This helps to keep the taste and maturation of your wine.
  • 🍷【Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator】You can customize the temperature by touching the control panel. Upper zone 41-54°F, lower Zone 54-68°F. The two zones feature different temperature so that your wine is perfectly chilled at their optimal temperatures for pure enjoyment.
  • 🍷【28 Bottles Capacity】The dual zone wine cooler can store up to 28 bottles of your favorite wine.When accommodating larger bottles,this will reduce the stated bottle capacity.It is a perfect companion for wine lovers to store specific or various wine.The beech wood shelves are easy to slide out and individually disassembled.Strong enough to hold your bottles.
  • 🍷【Upgraded Model】Thanks to the temperature memory function, the set temperature is restored after it is back on from power lost.A lock screen function protects the set program from been disrupted due to accidental operation. Also security lock is included.


  • 28 bottles
  • 15-inch
  • Dual-zone

What We Liked

  • Sleek aesthetics
  • Freestanding or built in
  • Temperature memory function

What We Didn’t Like

  • Product listing is inaccurate

Another wine and beverage chiller from the trusted Aobosi line is up next. This firm continuously creates a wide selection of refrigerators that are ideal for long- or short-term storage of your beverage collection.

Aobosi makes an effort to improve the aesthetic of this unit beyond that of a simple piece of metal among a sea of unsightly wine coolers. The cooler’s body is matte black, and for durability, stainless steel is used as a contrast. The wood shelving provides the optimum support for wine bottles and the assurance of maintaining the labels in contrast to this contemporary appearance. Metal shelves have a tendency to scrape and scuff the labels, which is not ideal for a priceless bottle of vintage wine that you have been storing for a particular occasion.

Now, while this is great, you’re not buying a wine cooler for the way it looks, so how does this thing perform?

You’ll receive two chilling zones, which are ideal if you enjoy both red and white wine. If you frequently consume these bottles, a dual-zone cooler will be necessary to prevent the need to constantly reheat one type of wine. Keep the upper portion of your whites iced with this Aobosi between 41F and 54F. You can adjust the temperature down below from 54 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit to create the optimal microclimate for either short- or long-term storage of red wine.

The temperature memory function will restart when there is a power interruption, keeping your cooler operating at the temps you chose. This is a modest but useful addition.

This cooler is a wise choice if you wish to carefully maintain a small collection because it provides enough for up to 28 standard-sized Bordeaux bottles.

The security lock on the door is a winner if you have kids or teens in the house.

Customers laud this superb wine and beverage chiller, despite a few complaints regarding inaccuracies on the product website, so why not have a look and let us know what you think?

N’FINITY PRO HDX Wine And Beverage Cooler

N’FINITY PRO HDX by Wine Enthusiast Wine & Beverage Center – Holds 90 Cans & 35 Wine Bottles – Freestanding or Built-In Wine Refrigerator
  • STYLISH HOME BAR – Professional quality and stylish design. The N’FINITY PRO HDX Wine and Beverage Center by Wine Enthusiast is sure to light up and beautify any room that it graces; bringing your home bar or game room to a whole new level.
  • DUAL INDEPENDENT COOLING ZONES – Stores up to 35 standard Bordeaux wine bottles and 90 cans of beer or soda. The N’FINITY PRO wine fridge includes 7 pull out shelves in the left zone and 4 fixed beverage shelves in the right zone.
  • DIGITAL TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLS – Easily adjust the temperature without having to open the door. Set each side independently for white or red wine and drinks; the left zone ranges 41-72 degrees F while the right zone ranges 36-72 degrees F.
  • 25% LESS ENERGY USAGE – The ETL certified energy efficient compressor uses 25% less energy than its predecessors, yet offers the top-quality wine storing technology of a larger, expensive wine cooler.
  • FREE STANDING OR BUILT-IN – This compact beverage cellar fits perfectly under most counters and measures: 33.5″ Height x 30.25″ Wide x 24″ Deep.


  • 35 bottles and 90 cans
  • 25-inch
  • Dual-zone

What We Liked

  • Fixed and removable shelving
  • Spacious storage environment
  • Quiet and energy-efficient

What We Didn’t Like

  • Units cannot be serviced

A dual-zone wine and beverage cooler with a lot of adaptability and capacity without taking over the entire kitchen is the N’FINITY PRO HDX.

Although this cooler is finished in stainless steel, it is unquestionably not a case of form over function.

If you need to cool a lot of drinks but have limited space in the kitchen, this slim 17-inch cooler works well.

With twin-zone cooling, you can separately control the temperature in each cooling zone. The cooler’s left side, which is perfect for red wines, has a temperature range of 41 to 72 F. The right side of the wine cooler is ideal for quickly cooling drinks to a temperature of 36F.

This appliance is the best option if you keep mixed wines, both red and white, and you prefer to consume them frequently.

Without opening the door and compromising the cooling system, you can adjust the cooler’s temperature.

The shelving can be changed. Seven pull-out shelves made of wood are installed on the cooler’s left side to prevent scratches on the wine bottles’ labels. Four fixed shelves on the cooler’s right side are ideal for larger bottles and cans.

This unit is especially energy-efficient, and it also runs much more quietly than many coolers in this class.

This wine cooler is one of the most versatile alternatives at your disposal and a great contender for the best wine and beverage cooler available. You may choose to keep it freestanding or alternatively you can incorporate it into an existing unit in your kitchen.

Kalamera 24 Inch 154 Cans Capacity Beverage Cooler

Kalamera 24 inch Beverage Refrigerator – 154 Cans Capacity Beverage Cooler- Fit Perfectly into 24″ Space Built in Counter or Freestanding – for Soda, Water, Beer or Wine – with Blue Interior Light
  • ★LARGE CAPACITY FOR WINE AND CANS: This mini fridge holds up to 154 cans of your favorite drinks or wines in different size. Soft blue LED light help you selection of your favorite drink at all times. This beverage refrigerator could hold the wine you like too. You would not just enjoy your drink, could enjoy your wine too.
  • ★STAINLESS STEEL & AIR OUTLET: Special stainless steel frame with 2 layers of tempered glass stabilize temperature levels inside and keep glass from fogging. This wine and beverage refrigerator with automatic defrosting function, this function would work every six hours. The white air outlet is so cool and fit for different kitchen, only Kalamera have this unique design on the market.
  • ★SINGLE ZONE/ONE-TOUCH CONTROL: LED control display makes it easy to set temperature from 38-50, providing perfect chilling temperature at all times! Kalamera unique design make this small beer fridge could be installed as built-in small refrigerator or freestanding wine cooler.
  • ★TEMPERATURE MEMORY FUNCTION: These small wine & beverage cooler restore the set temperature in the cooler after it is back on from power lost, which keeps your wine collection from going bad with increasing temperature. To hold your wine and drink better, we choose 5 high quality wire shelve. The shelf is removable with stopper. On two sides of each shelf placed two stoppers, protecting the bottles from falling when pulling out the shelf.
  • ★VERSATILE INSTALLATION: Takes just 23.4 x 33.9 x 22.4 inches of space and can be installed under a counter in kitchen or bar area, or used as a freestanding unit! ★Kalamera wine cooler & beverage refrigerator has been sold since 2014, we do what our customers need. Any further information needed before purchasing, you could contact us.


  • 154 cans
  • 24-inch
  • Single-zone

What We Liked

  • Compact footprint
  • Generous capacity
  • Quiet compressor-based cooling

What We Didn’t Like

  • Imprecise temperature control

With this enormous model, Kalamera offers yet another superb wine and beverage chiller that is ideal for big, busy households.

Although Kalamera is known for its dedicated wine coolers, this model is primarily made for can storage. Over 150 cans will fit within, so whether you want to stock up on soda for the whole family and visitors or to fill your man cave with beers, you have more than enough capacity for most practical uses.

Now, despite the fact that this internal space is large, you won’t have to give up much kitchen space. The refrigerator is only 24 inches wide, making it a fairly small appliance.

If this is still too big for your needs, you can purchase this fridge in a smaller model that holds 96 cans.

Efficiency is provided by the compressor-based cooling system without excessive electricity use. There won’t be a lot of vibration or noise either.

You can plainly view your drinks thanks to the blue LEDs without having to keep opening the door. You can better maintain the cooling environment in this way.

The wire racks can be taken off. If you need to make room for a can crate or prefer to store bottles inside, you can remove any one of the 5 racks. As with all of Kalamera’s top wine and beverage coolers, this one is incredibly adaptable.

Although the majority of people appear to be satisfied with this refrigerator, we did find a few isolated comments concerning its lack of temperature accuracy. This is not as urgent a problem as it would be with a wine cooler where temperature is more crucial because this type is primarily made for cans.

Euhomy Beverage Refrigerator And Cooler

EUHOMY Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler, 126 Can Mini fridge with Glass Door, Small Refrigerator with Adjustable Shelves for Soda Beer or Wine, Perfect for Home/Bar/Office, Mini Refrigerators (Black).
  • PERFECT CAPACITY – EUHOMY 3.2 Cu.Ft Beverage Refrigerator comes with a one-piece black stainless steel frame and is a self-contained, no-installation mini fridge! Adjustable and stable shelves make you conveniently store options up to 126 cans of standardized soda, beer, or several bottles of wine with 4 removable shelves, either upright or on their sides. However many and whatever type of beverage you prefer, this beverage cooler will keep them at the temperature you want!
  • QUIET + ADVANCED COOLING SYSTEM – With a powerful compressor and internal air-cooled system, Euhomy’s mini fridge for bedroom creates an evenly cooled space by ensuring that air flows throughout the entire beverage center.In addition, ultra quiet cooler of beverage cooling machine doesn’t affect your daily rest or working. With our mini refrigerator, you won’t just enjoy cold drinks, you’ll have a quiet environment too.
  • lNTELLIGENT CONTROL & FROST FREE – EUHOMY small fridge offers a variable temperature selection ranging from (32°F to 61°F) to meet your multiple storage options. The digital display allows you to easily monitor and set whatever temperature you need. Unlike most beverage fridge, Euhomy’s free standing drink fridge use air-cooled frost-free technology, so all you have to do is enjoy your beverages!
  • HIGH-END DESIGN & LED LIGHT – The sleek glass door showcases the beverage without leaving the door open. Three-layer glass door provides superior thermal insulation to reduce the impact of ambient temperature. The three pane glass door can help to maintain an ideal humidity level to ensure the taste of drinks.The beer fridge gives you the perfect lighting experience – The soft, blue LED interior lighting beautifully showcases your beverages, even at nighttime.
  • FLEXIBLE PLACEMENT – With a reversible door and adjustable feet, you have more options when choosing where to place your drink cooler. Measuring 17.5 x 18.9x 31.5 inches, whether you place it under a counter or in a free-standing location, it’s the perfect solution for any size kitchen, home, bar, RV, apartment, or dorm room. *For best results: keep bar fridge upright for at least 24 hours before first using it. It is an imoprtant prerequisite a good refrigeration effect.


  • 115 cans
  • 19-inch
  • Single-zone

What We Liked

  • Spacious storage
  • Small and slimline
  • Black stainless steel

What We Didn’t Like

  • Temperature is off

Despite having low costs, Euhomy manufactures a variety of appliances that are very well constructed and thoughtfully designed. This beverage cooler carries on that successful pattern.

Your initial impression will be of the considerable storage space offered here. This cooler has enough for up to 115 cans of your preferred beer or soda. We suggest treating this maximum capacity with a grain of salt, just as with other beverage coolers. Most manufacturers erroneously claim that a certain number of cans or bottles will fit within comfortably.

You will prefer this cooler’s black stainless steel finish if you detest the typical silver appliances that dominate the market. The design fits both more classic and modernist decor equally well.

The inbuilt compressor is strong and produces no noise or vibration. This is especially crucial if you intend to keep wine bottles inside.

In your wine glass, vibration will disturb the sediment and degrade the final product. Euhomy makes sure that won’t occur at this place.

You won’t lose out in terms of overall dimensions even if you’ll gain in storage. This rather slim beverage cooler should readily fit in a modest kitchen, given the inside space.This cooler may be installed built-in or left freestanding, and it has adjustable feet and a reversible door. Overall, you have a lot of freedom in this situation.

With the exception of a few isolated concerns concerning temperature accuracy, user sentiment is mostly favorable. This is one of the greatest wine and beverage coolers available if you want a terrific all-arounder at a very competitive price.

KUPPET 19 Bottles Wine Cooler

KUPPET 19 Bottles Wine Cooler/Fridge Beverage Refrigerator Small Mini Red & White Wine Cellar Beer Soda.Digital Temperature Display, Double-layer Glass Door, Quiet Operation Compressor
  • 🍸【PERFECT WINE STORAGE】With its 19 standard red or white wine bottles storage capacity, this wine cooler unit is perfect for chilling and storing wines(such as Beer and Champagne). With its reinforced glass door with air tight seal and help to maintain an ideal humidity level, this beverage refrigerator gives you a compact and modern design that perfect for your living room .
  • 🍷【EXCELLENT STABLE TEMPERATURE】 Equipped with an advanced cooling system that will keep your beverages at the right temperature without making a noise, and allows you to customize the temp for specific type of wine. Creating an ideal environment for your wines ageing process (Range 41º – 64ºF (5º – 18ºC), therefore bringing out the true characteristics and full flavor of your wines in the long-term.
  • 🥂【SUPER QUIET & GOOD SEALING】Operating sound less than 35 dB, it does not affect family rest even if placed in the bedroom;Our wine cabinet with double-layered glass can avoid light and heat, better maintain the freshness of wine!
  • 🍹【REMOVABLE RACKS】KUPPET freestanding wine Cellar can be used to store other products besides wine, such as fruit and drinks. Just replace the metal shelves with the shelves of the ice bar.Just one step,you can achieve better experience of this wine cooler!
  • 🥃【PRODUCT FEATURES】 Easily adjust the temperature and turn on the light by tapping the digital display, then easily lock in settings with the lock button. The bright LCD display lets you view the temperature, even in the dark. Product Size:18.5”(W)*17.1”(D)*20.3”(H);Net Weight: 38.58lbs.;We stand behind our products and pride ourselves with exceptional customer service care. If you need help, you can contact us any time!


  • 19 bottles
  • 18-inch
  • Single-zone

What We Liked

  • Freestanding installation
  • Broad temperature range
  • Quiet and well-sealed

What We Didn’t Like

  • Issues with quality control

Do you need a beverage cooler that is primarily designed to hold wine? Is there little room in your kitchen? Investigate the KUPPET wine cooler if you said “Yes” to both of these.

This fridge is meant to be left freestanding, so you’ll have no issues at all when it comes to installation.

Only about 19 bottles of wine can be kept. This is not the cooler for you if your collection is bigger or increasing. The KUPPET, however, might be the best purchase you make this year if you’re looking to preserve a small collection of properly picked wines.

When you’re filling the fridge or taking out bottles, you won’t need to contort yourself because the door opening is big enough. The storage area is kept secure by the tempered glass doors, and the handleless design provides you a sleek appearance.

Since it is such a small cooler, there is just one cooling zone. You can regulate the inside temperature between 41 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit, providing you the flexibility to retain all types of wine at the ideal temperature. Consider a dual-zone cooler if you frequently consume both red and white wines.

This wine and beverage chiller is among the quietest ones available, with a noise rating of less than 35 decibels while operating at maximum speed.

We discovered a few quality control complaints, therefore we advise carefully inspecting your package to ensure there is no damage when it arrives.

Even more flexibility is provided by the ability to remove the metal shelf and change the inside arrangement. At a very low cost, sharp LCD and digital touch controls round out a fantastic combination.

Whynter Beverage Refrigerator

Whynter BR-130SBS 120 Can Capacity 3.1 cu. ft. Beverage Refrigerator and cooler, Mini Fridge with Glass Door Stainless Steel
  • SPACIOUS INTERIOR: Freestanding 3.1 cu. ft. beverage cooler fridge built to store the most number of cans possible without wasting any space. Can hold up to 120 standard 12 oz. cans
  • PREMIUM DESIGN AND SECURITY: Compact, sleek design and premium features make this beverage cooler an ideal choice for efficient display and refrigeration.
  • POWERFUL COOLING: Powerful compressor and the internal air-cooled system to create an evenly-cooled space throughout the beverage refrigerator. Temperature can be adjusted from 30ºF – mid 60ºF
  • DOUBLE-PANE GLASS: Beverage fridge with double-paned glass door that protects your beverages from harmful UV light and keeps the interior insulated
  • ADJUSTABLE SHELVES: This mini fridge includes 5 slide-out wire shelves that allow you to store any bottle design and organize your drinks by category


  • 120 cans
  • 17-inch
  • Single zone

What We Liked

  • Perfect for storing lots of cans
  • Broad temperature range
  • Freestanding with reversible door

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some issues with condensation

Next up is an excellent wine and beverage chiller from the well-known Whynter brand. What do you get for your money here, therefore, considering that this firm provides a wide selection of gadgets and accessories for wine lovers everywhere?

In any case, this cooler is made expressly to hold a lot of cans. The cooler can hold up to 120 cans in total, but as with other coolers, you should consider this to be the absolute upper limit rather than a realistic cap. With this much space inside, the cooler would function just as well in a small business establishment as it would in a kitchen.

The stainless steel cooler’s 17-inch width and sturdy construction make it a perfect choice for compact kitchens or apartments.

Due to the compressor-based nature of this cooling system, some background noise must be expected. Although it shouldn’t be loud enough to wake you up, this cooler doesn’t operate at a whisper.

The constant and consistent cooling provided by this fan-based cooling system, with air being forced into all corners of the device, is a benefit.

The tempered glass finish on the stainless steel-trimmed door will prevent the sun’s UV rays from entering and tainting your beverages. You can monitor your drinks without needlessly opening the door thanks to interior LEDs.

Utilize mechanical temperature control to generate a cooling atmosphere between the upper 30s to the mid 60s Fahrenheit.

Purchasing this wine and beverage cooler will keep your drinks chilled and ready to serve whenever you need them while freeing up space in your kitchen refrigerator if you frequently consume soda and bottled water at home. Why are you holding out?

Lanbo Wine And Beverage Refrigerator

Lanbo 30 Inch Built-in Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler, 33 Bottle and 70 Can
  • Various Display: This beverage cooler is designed for elegant and stylish display, which with stainless steel door frames and see through glass doors could illuminate your home, bars, office and kitchen island.
  • Holds as You Want: The product dimension of Lanbo wine and beverage fridge is 29.5 L x 23.6 W x 34.5 H inches. Holds up to 33 bottles of standard Bordeaux and 70 cans of beverages which makes entertainment more joyfully with cold beverages and aromatic wine.
  • Dual Zones and Double Doors: Want to enjoy wines and beverages in one appliance and don’t want to affect their aroma and taste that you could own this under counter wine cooler to store your collections. Sleek handles and pull-out easily shelves can grab what you wanted more conveniently.
  • Large Front Vent: Different from thermoelectric cooling system that compressor cooling system could make the best suitation for wines and beverages and frost free. Lots of front vents achive a better heat dissipation effect and allow you to set the wine and beverage cooler under counter or freestanding.
  • Safety Lock & Warranty: Comes with 2 locks keeping from unwanted hands. The warranty for labor is 12 months.


  • 18 bottles and 55 cans
  • 24-inch
  • Dual-zone

What We Liked

  • Even circulation
  • Seamless digital controls
  • Ideal for mixed wines

What We Didn’t Like

  • Makes quite a lot of noise

For various tastes and price ranges, Lanbo has a sizable selection of wine and beverage coolers. Although this dual-zone cooler makes a strong impression, it is far more expensive than you might anticipate. So how does it measure up?

This cooler, which is 24 inches across, will fit conveniently into a busy kitchen.

The big vents allow you to position this device beneath a cupboard or in a kitchen corner to optimize space. If necessary, you can more simply remove the shelf thanks to the doors’ 90-degree opening design.

18 normal 750ml bottles of Bordeaux can fit on the left side of this cooler. 55 regular 330ml cans of your preferred beer or drink can fit on the other side of this device. You may also make the optimal storage spaces for larger bottles of champagne or Pinot by eliminating one or two shelves.

The use of dual safety locks is ideal if you have children at home. Keep those nosy hands at bay and your priceless wine collection secure.

The simplicity of use and clear digital controls make controlling this cooler a breeze. This cooler’s left side can be adjusted from 41 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit, while the right side may be set to 39 to 50 degrees for a remarkably adaptable storage environment for all of your favorite libations.

In a sea of good customer reviews, the only genuine complaints we could uncover about this wine and beverage chiller were related to how loud it is. See if this wine cooler, which is among the best available, will work in your home kitchen in all other regards.

EdgeStar Wine Refrigerator


  • 26 bottles and 80 cans
  • 30-inch
  • Dual-zone

What We Liked

  • Great for the whole family
  • Reversible door
  • Side-by-side layout

What We Didn’t Like

  • Bottom rack is strangely shaped

How does this wine fridge compare to EdgeStar’s high-quality, reasonably priced wine and beverage coolers?

Make sure you have room for this enormous device before making a purchase because this twin cooler enables you to stack two modular units. It fits well in bigger kitchens, dens, or man caves because of its 30 inch width.

French doors that are side by side give you access to a sizable dual-zone chiller. Each of these pieces may either be built in or left freestanding thanks to their design. You have even more placement flexibility with the reversible door.

You can fit up to 80 cans within the beverage cooler, which has a temperature range of 38 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The wine cooler has two zones, allowing you to chill red wines from 54 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit above and white wines more quickly from 40 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit below. The wine cooler has a total bottle capacity of 26.

With this cooler, you’ll be able to keep as many cans of beer and soda on hand as you’d want in addition to storing red and white wine at various temperatures.

What’s not to love about a wine and beverage cooler that’s well-made, efficient, and has a big capacity?

COSTWAY Beverage Refrigerator And Cooler

COSTWAY Beverage Refrigerator Cooler- 60 Cans Capacity Mini Drink Fridge with Removable Shelves, Adjustable Thermostat, Glass Door, LED Lights, Small Refrigerator for Soda Beer Wine, 1.6 Cu.Ft
  • 🍺【Powerful and Fast Cooler System】Our compressor drink refrigerator has advanced technology of fast cooling, which is saving energy and high efficiency. Due to the compressor, powerful cooling system and excellent sealing system ensure optimal temperature of beverage and efficiently and fast freezing to keep drinks fresh.
  • 🍹【1.6 Cu.ft Large Capacity Space】Our freestanding mini refrigerator has 1.6 cu. Ft large internal storage space, which can hold up to 60 standard sized soda or beer cans, or several bottles of wine. Comes with 2 adjustable slide-out shelves, you can remove one to store tall bottles. And the steel shelves can be taken out to clean.
  • 🍸【Adjustable Temperature Control】3-level manual temperature control knob on the back makes the temperature range about 39℉-61℉. Different drinks need different temperatures to keep them fresh or cold. This intelligent refrigerator allows you to adjust different temperatures according to your needs.
  • 🍷【Ultra-quiet & Humanized Design】Using premium compressor, the mini fridge works in low vibration and low noise, providing a quiet environment for you. And designed with blue LED lights inside, you can easily access to drinks at night. In addition, 4 adjustable feet at the bottom of the refrigerator to further maintain the stability of the cabinet.
  • 🍸【Mini Fridge for Wide Usage】This small beverage refrigerator measures 17.5” x 18.5” x 19.5”, which is ideal for your dormitories, apartments, RVs, restaurants, home kitchens, offices, etc. No installation required, our beverage cooler can work at any place to keep your drinks cool and fresh.


  • 62 cans
  • 18-inch
  • Single-zone

What We Liked

  • 3 temperature settings
  • Low vibration
  • Runs quietly

What We Didn’t Like

  • Bad smell upon unboxing

How does this beverage cooler compare to other efficient COSTWAY products that are priced extremely competitively?

This cooler has a gentler appearance than some of the more basic and aggressively styled items on our shortlist thanks to its glossy black finish.

Here, capacity is average, with room for 62 cans of your preferred beverages. This is a good option for offices, bedrooms, study, or dorm rooms because to its small size.

This model is designed to be left freestanding, so you’ll have no snags with installation.

If you want to change things up on the beverage front, you can accept huge bottles thanks to the interior’s movable shelving.

You won’t experience a lot of noise or vibration because the cooling system is compressor-based. Operating this gadget won’t consume a lot of electricity either.

This cooler has a wide temperature range, from 39 to 61 degrees Fahrenheit. This enables you to perfectly keep any beverages you place inside at the desired temperature. This cooler is simple to use because it has three built-in preset temperature settings.

The majority of user reviews for this cooler are favorable. However, when we opened the box, we discovered multiple complaints regarding a scent.

Danby Beverage Center

Danby DBC117A1BSSDB-6 117 Can Beverage Center, 3.1 Cu.Ft. Freestanding Drinks Refrigerator for Basement, Dining, Living Room-Bar Fridge Perfect for Beer, Pop, Water, Black/Grey
  • Beverage Cooler with Glass Door: This Danby Beverage Center is the ideal beverage fridge for your wet bar, den, family room, kitchen or basement.Lock Type:Key
  • 3.1 Cubic Feet (87.8 Liters) Beverage Refrigerator: The unit is roomy and can hold up to 117 (12 oz/355ml) beverage cans
  • Easy to Operate: Mechanical thermostat allows you to program and maintain a temperature between 35.6°F and 50°F (2°C and 10°C) in this versatile beverage refrigerator
  • Superior Cooling System: Fan forced cooling maintains a consistent and even internal temperature throughout the cabinet
  • Glass Door Mini Fridge: Attractive tempered glass door with stainless steel trim and door lock


  • 117 cans
  • 20-inch
  • Dual-zone

What We Liked

  • Sharp, clean lines
  • Wide temperature band
  • Blue interior LEDs

What We Didn’t Like

  • Door awkward to open

The Danby Beverage Center is definitely worth including on your shortlist as we draw to a close in our search for the top wine and beverage coolers in a congested market. How does this cooler set itself apart?

Here, capacity is abundant. You will have enough room for far over 100 cans of your favorite soda or beer thanks to the interior storage area of over 3 cubic feet. Inside, there are 3 shelves. All of these are movable so you may design a storage space that works for you.

With this cooler, you get a wide range of temperatures. You have lots of options by chilling your drinks between 35 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The aesthetics of this cooler are also pretty appealing. The black and chrome appearance is highlighted by the blue inside lighting. These lights let you to quickly see inside without emitting light that is too intense to protect the drinks therein. The main benefit of LED lighting over fluorescent lighting is this.

Most users of this wine cooler appear to be satisfied. We just heard complaints about the door. Many users claim that it is quite difficult to open. This serves as a mitigating measure by ensuring a sealed storage environment that won’t be harmed by oxygen.

Even though it’s not the most efficient cooler on our shortlist, this one is still worth considering if you want to keep mixed drinks chilled.

BOSSIN Beverage Refrigerator

BOSSIN Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler, 120 Can Capacity with Smoky Gray Glass Door for Soda Beer or Wine,Compressor Touch Panel Digital Temperature Display for Home, Office, Bar(4.5 cu.ft)
  • 【PERFECT TEMPERATURE】 -Single zone beverage mini refrigerator has an easy touch temperature control that customize the temperature of this beverage refrigerator from 40°F – 61°F ., and large digital display for quick monitoring and setting of any temperature.
  • 【HIGH CAPACITY】 -Under counter beverage cooler with large, internal storage design is equipped with 5 adjustable and removable chrome shelves.It’s an organizer that conveniently holds up to 60 standard sized soda, water.
  • 【IDEAL LIGHT And HUMIDITY】 -Double Pane Glass Door can block out harmful UV rays and help to maintain an ideal humidity level. Blue soft LED interior lighting not only beautifully showcases the beverage or wine .
  • 【ULTRA QUIET OPERATION】-Equipped with an advanced cooling system that will keep your beverages at the right temperature without making a noise. External size: 20.5” W (front across) x 31.5” H (top to bottom) x 21.3” D (front to back).Warning: Do not use this cooler to store fresh foods, such as meats, vegetables, fruits, etc. This product can only be used to chill beverages.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY SERVICE】 – We provide friendly worry-free service for one year. You can contact us whenever you have problems about our products.


  • 60 cans
  • 18-inch
  • Single-zone

What We Liked

  • Oversized digital display
  • Easy to use
  • Runs very quietly

What We Didn’t Like

  • Could run colder

In our hunt for the greatest wine and beverage coolers, a standout example from BOSSIN is last but certainly not least. If you take a risk on an unproven brand that you’ve never heard of, you might be in for a pleasant surprise.

You’ll prefer this cooler’s understated matte black appearance if you don’t like the thought of big swathes of silver on kitchen appliances.

One of the more compact mini-fridges, appropriate for use in RVs, boats, dorm rooms, and small kitchens. If you need chilled drinks somewhere with limited room, this cooler is a sensible solution.

Up to 60 cans of your preferred beverage can fit inside. Although you may technically use this appliance to store wine, if that’s your main goal, we suggest looking for a specific wine cooler.

The chrome shelves are adjustable and removable so you can rejig storage to suit your needs.

There is only one zone because of how little this cooler is. The temperature ranges from 40 to 61 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you plenty of flexibility to chill all of your favorite drinks to the ideal serving temperature. Some customers claim that this refrigerator might run colder.

The wide digital display makes it simple to navigate the temperature and lets you quickly view all the information you require. Even if you’re not the biggest tech fan, using this cooler is quite easy.

Consider the BOSSIN if you’re looking for a portable, small beverage cooler that won’t disappoint you in terms of capacity or create an excessive amount of noise or vibration.


We hope that today’s thorough advice has altered your opinion if you came to Barnacle Bar today with no genuine idea on how to choose the best wine and beverage coolers.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Honeywell Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler, 115 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door for Soda Beer or Wine for Office or Bar with Adjustable Removable Shelving
  • Three pane glass door for ultimate temperature control
  • Electronic digital thermostat control panel
  • Slide out plastic coated shelving
  • Adjustable legs
  • Interior LED light
Bestseller No. 2
BODEGA Wine and Beverage Refrigerator, 24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler, with Smart APP Control and 2 Safety Locks,Soft LED Light Hold 19 Bottles and 57 Cans, Built-In or Freestanding
  • 🍒【Advanced Cooling and Air Circulation System】BODEGA wine beverage cooler with upgrade cooling system,it can holds 19 bottles standard 750 ml Bordeaux wine with size:2.75”W*11.8‘’H and 57 cans about beverage(sodas,beer,sprite,Pepsi,fancy water,others).Combining with fan circulation system and low vibration compressor, the wine cooler ensures quick cooling and quiet performances, and store your wine to keep good taste.
  • 🍹【Wi-Fi Smart App Control】BODEGA wine beverage refrigerator support WIFI app control. With a stable wifi connection, adjust your wine storage’s temperature via the APP from any Android or Apple device. You could also adjust the temperature by touching the digital LCD display.
  • 🍒【Built-in or Freestanding Installation】Great for home, mini bars, hotels, office, kitchen counter, meeting room,in the wine cellar or used as a freestanding unit.It only takes 23.8 in(W)*23.1in (D)*34.29 in(H) for your space.The child lock also can save your wine and beverage prevent the children to erroneous operation.
  • 🍒【Quiet Compressor Operation】Low vibration and noise for wines and beverage rest in peace.The whisper like compressor system ensures quiet performances and the low energy blue LED lights facilitate drink picking even when it’s dark. Let you become a real wine connoisseur.
  • 🍒【Sincere and Effective Service】We offer 1 year warranty service and long-life after-sales service.If you have any issue during use process,please contact us via amazon.We will provide you professional technical support and best solution.Any information needed before purchasing, you also can contact us via amazon.We will reply you within 24-hour.
Bestseller No. 3
BODEGA 24 Inch Beverage and Wine Cooler, Built-in and Freestanding Wine Beverage Refrigerator Dual Zone, Holds 57 Cans and 18 Bottles, with Independent Temperature Control,Upgraded Compressor Quiet
  • 🥂🥂57 CANS AND 18 BOTTLES LARGE CAPACITY: BODEGA 24 Inch beverage and wine cooler has spacious storage for the wine and beverage collector.18(750ml standard Bordeaux bottle, W:2.75in, H:11.8in)and 57 standard cans. The individually iron and wooden shelves are strong enough to hold your bottles without scratches. Make the most of your space
  • 🥂🥂DUAL COOLING ZONE THERMOSTAT: BODEGA dual zone beverage and wine refrigerator with digital LED temperature display.The left zone offers a temperature range of 35.6℉-50℉for drinks while the right zone offers a range of 41℉-64.4℉ for wine.You can easily adjust temperature (℃/℉)and precisely set the temp level to your liking.Soft interior LED light and front vent system chill your drinks with our advanced temperature control technology system
  • 🥂🥂2-IN-1 BUILT-IN OR FREESTANDING WINE AND BEVERAGE COLLER:BODEGA wine and beverage fridge can be used in any room in your home,installed in kitchen cabinets, living room, garage and many other places, built-in function will save a lot of space in your kitchen, front ventilation design can best be combined into In the kitchen cabinet.Sturdy stainless steel doors and handles, stylish design suitable for any home decoration
  • 🥂🥂ENERGY-EFFICIENT COMPRESSOR, NOISE REDUCTION, DE-VIBRATION: BODEGA beverage and wine cooler uses the energy-efficient (0.413 kWh/d ) compressor r600a makes your compressor efficient, quiet, and provides even cooling without fluctuations, which meets international energy consumption standards. Runs virtually silent with no vibration, so wine and drinks are not disturbed and the flavor is crisp and delicious. It’s the perfect choice for the wine and beverage lover
  • 🥂🥂WHAT WILL YOU GET: 1*wine and beverage refrigerator, 1* instruction manual.In addition, with 1-Year Warranty.We have a professional technical support team responsible for the beverage cooler, if you have any problems, please feel free to contact us via Amazon.We will response you in 24 hours and let you have an wonderful experience.
Bestseller No. 4
BODEGA 24 Inch Wine and Beverage Refrigerator Cooler,Dual Zone Wine Fridge with Memory Temperature Control 77 Bottles and 180 Cans,Built-In or Freestanding 2-in-1 Wine Cooler for Home Bar Kitchen
  • 🍷[2 Independent Temperature Zones] BODEGA freestanding wine beverage cooler hold up to 77 bottles wine and 180 cans drink.Dual temperature control to meet both serving purposes.Digital touch temperature control with smart memory temperature setting adjustable from 5-22℃(41-72℉)as wine cooler zone/3-18℃(37-64℉) for beverage refrigerator zone.A beautiful family size wine and beverage cooler will add extra happy moments for your life.With easy-to-use control panel, you can set ideal temperature.
  • 🍷[Built-in or Freestanding Installation] BODEGA wine cooler dimension:27.17’’D x 23.54’’W x 65.75’’H.The upgrated height for more capacity but save the space on the floor.24 inch dual zone wine cooler just cool your treasure white or red wine,sparkling and champagne,beverage drinks like beer,soda drinks,juice.Large capacity cooling for each optimal temperature.Build-in surprised choice for wine collection.A unique freestanding wine cellar!
  • 🍷[Double-layer Tempered Glass Door] The wine cooler seamless stainless steel glass door is double-paned tempered glass prevent harmful UV light.7 layers wood shelves protect wine bottles well also add some natural wine cellar flavor.The beverage refrigerator door is foaming door outstanding insulation cold soon and keep heat outside.With 3 iron shelves inside are solid bearing for hold up to 180 cans.The visible doors and interior LED lights can also clearly show your wine collections.
  • 🍷[Large Capacity & Removable Rack] BODEGA dual zone wine cooler with 2 storage areas keep your family double happy time!A wine lovers must-have.For all size wine bottle collection and also half as large capacity beverage refrigerator.Cool and humid air circulation in works with minimal noise.Adjust the shelves to hold nearly any combination of items.Specialized wine racks keep wine bottles on their sides.Adjust shelves with stopper On two sides of each shelf.
  • 🍷[Purchase With Confidence & 1-Year Warranty] BODEGA wine and beverage refrigerator has a service life of up to 8-10 years.Any reason you’re not satisfied with purchase,please contact us and we’re willing to make things right.Our average response time is 6 hrs or less and provide solution with 24 hours .This BODEGA large wine beverage cooler is a perfect choice for family wine and beverage storage,it’s fancy and practical.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Kalamera Mini Fridge 18 Bottle – 12 inch Wine Cooler Refrigerator, Built-in or Freestanding, with Stainless Steel & Double-Layer Tempered Glass Door, and Temperature Memory Function Wine Fridge
  • ★Fits in Small Spaces: Cooler is Only 12” Wide, So It Fits Virtually Anywhere in Any Size Home. This mini wine fridge holds up to 18 bottles of your favorite wine in different sizes, and is only affected when having a larger bottle, like Pinot or Champagne. It’s the perfect choice for the wine lover having various wine collections. Soft LED lights keep your wine in a beautiful environment, help you select your favorite wine at all times.
  • ★Single Zone/One-Touch Control: LED control display makes it easy to set temperature from 40-66°F, providing perfect chilling temperature at all times! Kalamera unique design makes this small wine cooler could be installed as a built-in wine cooler or freestanding wine fridges.
  • ★Temperature Memory Function: The small wine cooler restores the set temperature in the cooler after it is back on from power loss, which keeps your wine collection from going bad with increasing temperature. You could enjoy yourself when you go to travel, and do not need to worry about your wine. To hold your wine better, we choose 6 high quality wooden shelves in these cooler. The shelf is removable and with a stopper. On two sides of each shelf placed two stoppers.
  • ★Attractive Design & Air Outlet: Special stainless steel frame with 2 layers of tempered glass stabilize temperature levels inside and keep glass from fogging. This wine and beverage refrigerator with automatic defrosting function, this function would work every six hours. The air outlet is so cool and fit for different kitchens, only Kalamera has this unique design on the market.
  • ★Versatile Installation: Takes just 11.6(W) x 33.9(H) x 22.4(D) inches of space and can be installed under a counter in kitchen or bar area, or used as a freestanding unit! ★Kalamera wine cooler & beverage refrigerator has been sold since 2014, we do what our customers need. Any further information needed before purchasing, you could contact us.
SaleBestseller No. 6
NewAir 12 Bottle 39 Can Wine Cooler Refrigerator | Shadow Series | Dual Temperature Zones, Freestanding Mirrored Wine and Beverage Fridge with Double-Layer Tempered Glass Door & Compressor Cooling
  • [PERFECT WINE EVERY TIME] – Wine tastes its best when stored at a temperature that brings out its full flavor. Select your ideal serving temperature down to the degree for optimal wine storage and the compressor will work to reliably give you perfect tasting wine every time.
  • [DOUBLE PANE UV PROTECTED GLASS DOOR] – Sun UV rays are harmful to a wine’s flavor profile. Thanks to the double pane UV-protected insulated glass door, your Newair Wine cabinet will protect and preserve your collection in any room in the home without you having to tuck away your wine in a basement wine cellar.
  • [VERSATILE ADJUSTABLE SHELVES] – This wine chiller comes with sleek black wine racks that can be easily removed, making it easy to load bottles, giving you convenient access to your collection.
  • [BOTTLE DISPLAY SHELF] – Show off your collection with a storage shelf that displays your finest bottle of vintage. The space-saving storage shelf helps organize your refrigerator by keeping taller or larger bottles from taking up precious room in your standard kitchen refrigerator.
  • [QUIET COMPRESSOR COOLING] – Compressor cooling keeps your fridge at the ideal set temperature and gives you perfect tasting wine every time.
Bestseller No. 7
Antarctic Star 36 Bottle Wine Cooler/Cabinet BeverageRefrigerator Small Mini Wine Cellar Beer Soda Bar Fridge Quiet Operation Compressor Adjust Temperature Freestanding Black
  • KEEP WINE COOL: NCCKDIKOLREBEHeat is enemy number one for wine. The Wine Cooler enables you to store your wine in optimal conditions for long-term aging. Working temperature range is 40°F- 61°F, and allows you to customize the temp (55°F is often cited as close to perfect).
  • IDEAL LIGHT and HUMIDITY: With its reinforced glass door with air tight seal and help to maintain an ideal humidity level, this beverage refrigerator gives you a compact and modern design perfect for your living room . Blue soft LED interior lighting not only beautifully showcases the wine but won’t damage the wine.
  • PERFECT WINE STORAGE: 36 standard red or white wine bottles capacity, also perfect for canned beer and beverage storage. Horizontal racking is a space-efficient way to store your bottles, and it definitely can’t harm your wines.
  • NO VIBRATION and QUIET: Equipped with an advanced cooling system that will keep your beverages at the right temperature without making a noise. With no disturbance to its natural occurring sediments. Equipped with Movable Black Shelves, Glass Door and Adjustable Leveling Legs.
  • FREESTANDING: Freestanding application only, NOT for built in use. The beverage and wine center door will close more easily when the two front leveling legs are extended slightly.This premium wine cooling unit is backed by a 1 year quality warranty of complete satisfaction.
Bestseller No. 8
Wine and Beverage Refrigerator,Velieta 24 Inch Dual Zone Fridge with Glass Door, Built-In Cooler with Powerful and Quite Cool System/18 Bottles and 88 Cans Capacity, Stainless Steel silver (KMYL120)
  • [ Independent Cooling Zone for Wine and Beverage ]Our wine fridge has independently dual cooling zones. You can control the dual cooling zones independently . Left Beverage zone -35℉-50℉for all kinds of beverages.Right wine zone 41°F 64°F for your treasured wine. Chill your wines and drinks at their most suitable temperature and enjoy their best flavors.
  • [Quiet and Powerful Compressor & Air Circulation]The wine and beverage refrigerator has low noise and its powerful compressor can provide a constant supply of cooling. Our wine cooler is equipped with a fan circulation system which can keep your wine fridge odor-free
  • [Large Capacity for Beverage and Wine & Removable Shelves]Velieta wine refrigerator can hold up to 20 standard Bordeaux bottles and 88 standard 12oz/330ml can drinks. You can enjoy unlimited chilled drinks and wine at the right temperature. The wine cooler has removable shelves that help you pick and place conveniently.
  • [Built-in or Freestanding Installation]The wine and beverage refrigerator has a front vent design which allows it built-in under your counter mounted and freestanding. Besides the cooler has a safety door lock to keep your wine and drinks well protected
  • [Smart Touch Control &Blue LED Ambient Lighting ]The wine fridge has an easy-to-use smart touch screen, you can operate it conveniently. Besides the blue LED ambient lighting can help you fetch the wine in the dark and make the refrigerator more aesthetically pleasing
Bestseller No. 9
Giantex 80 Quart Rattan Rolling Cooler Cart Outdoor Patio Portable Party Drink Beverage Bar Cold Beach Chest Cart on Wheels, Brown Wicker, 32.7”(L) X18.9”(W) X43.3”(H)
  • Competitive cooling performance: This rattan cooler cart features refrigeration insulation and enables to keep a variety of drinks, such as water, wine, beer, vintage, juicy and others cool for 36 hours.
  • Easy mobility and good stability: This rolling Cooler cart comes with 4 Multi-Directional wheels (2 locking, 2 non-locking) for easy mobility and good stability, and is perfect for outdoor using.
  • Large Holding Capacity: This rolling cooler can easily hold up to 80 quarts (20 gallons) of drinks and store up to 70 cans/50+bottles, so as to capably provide the steady drinks supply for your guests.
  • Humanized design: This ergonomically designed refrigerated truck is equipped with a bottle opener, a hat catcher and a drain plug. It also comes with two side handles for easy carrying or pulling, and the double top cover makes it easy to open and close
  • Ideal for banquet and party: a lift-off top is made for convenient adding and taking out drinks bottles. This cooler cart is ideal for patio, back yard or outdoor entertainment area, and perfect for any leisure occasion.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Antarctic Star 15″ Wine Cooler Under Counter Beverage Refrigerator Beer Mini Fridge 28 Bottles Dual Zone Built-in Freestanding Stainless Steel Double-Layer Tempered Glass Door
  • 28 BOTTLE CAPACITY:This wine cooler could hold 28 bottles of your favorite wine in different size, there is bigger space so that no need to remove any shelf to put different types and sizes of wine. But it only takes W 14.96 x D 22.75 x H 34.25 inches of your space, it can help you save a lot of space. Blue LED lights give you a clearer view of the interior wine
  • Metal SHELVES:Frost-Free Stainless Steel Door and Handle with Double Layered Tempered Glass Window and adjustable metal racks, This is a stylish showcase that can match any of your furniture, whether it’s in the living room or the kitchen, stainless steel and metal rack improve the quality.
  • QUIET & LOW VIBRATION:Advanced cooling system, low vibration effect and noise, allowing your wine to age and settle properly, with no disturbance to its natural occurring sediments. You could change the upper zone temperature from 41-54℉ and the lower zone temperature from 54-68℉, a suitable temperature will give the wine a better taste.
  • DOUBLE-LAYER GLASS DOOR:The double-paned tempered glass window offers protection from harmful UV rays while still providing a full view of your collection. Tight seal Keep your wine at a steady temperature, and the dual-pane glass Protects against light and room temperature.
  • ADVANCED COOLING & AIR CIRCULATION SYSTEM:wine beverage cooler with upgrade cooling system。Combining with fan circulation system and low vibration compressor, the wine cooler ensures quick cooling and quiet performances, and store your wine to keep good taste.
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